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As you all know, a cash loan can be granted under certain conditions. One of them is that the borrower is of the required age. The minimum is of course for 18 years. This is the moment when a person reaches the age of majority and can legally take responsibility for each of his actions. Of course, with all the advantages and freedoms of this initial phase of adulthood, the responsibilities also come.

In case you are just over 18, you are most likely interested in these specific life needs. This is necessary to develop as a full person in society. It is composed of many formalities, one of the most important being the financial part of life. Choosing a profession and realization often requires learning resources as well as other extra money that is not always available. The reasons for this can be a number.

However, the solution is often the same, and that is to trust the financial services that credit institutions offer. In practice, at this age, every person can get a quick credit and the right to manage it and of course to recover on time.

What do you do if your credit is bad and you need a loan? Get cash loans direct lenders only with us

Solve your problems quickly and get The Cash You Need Fast. Although you are 18 years old, you are hardly missing. Sometimes you can not rely on the financial support or stability of close people, family or relatives. At such times, fast credit is one of the easiest, most timely and efficient solutions to help and succeed. If you can and anticipate a timely refund, everything is in your hands and there will be no further problems.

With us, you get the chance to take advantage of such a service, very easy and convenient. Here all the information about the amounts offered and the ways of returning are at your attention and location. Therefore, in addition to a quick solution to the problem, you also get an efficient way to feel a sufficiently mature person who manages to deal with cash situations in reality – an asset that everybody must strive for.

What documents are needed for an 18-year-old to get a quick financial loan

  • The ID card is one of the most important things, of course;
  • Bulgarian citizenship is another condition that is required of the applicant for financial aid;
  • Permanent income;
  • Permanent address.

These are a major part of the things you have to cover if you are at least 18 years old and need economic leverage to deal with a situation or just to make a personal plan.

The reasons

This is a specific age when the emotional dreams of any personality are directly related to his or her life. He is ready to risk, to pursue his goals. Apart from this, every young person of this age may have specific needs. These include, for example, the payment of higher education fees. Sometimes they are quite high and require the need for additional funds, especially if colleges and universities are located abroad, where in most cases much more money is needed for maintenance and training.

Pleasures are another incentive for cash withdrawal at this age. Concerts, excursions, or other types of travel abroad require serious costs so you can only trust your own financial capabilities, especially at this age. Payment of accommodation and similar accounts could also be among the serious reasons to trust a credit institution in this regard.

In this way, every young person could contribute to their self-confidence by doing well with the situation. This raises the sensible behavior and consciousness that every citizen, part of the world of money, must own.

Car financing for new and used vehicles


A new car appears, the desire of most people of all ages; being able to drive a new vehicle allows you to have your own satisfaction and to fulfill a dream.

car loan

What are car loans?

What are car loans?

Car loans are a type of financing aimed at buying a new vehicle, the ideal solution for those who want to buy the car or the bike of their dreams.

With a car loan, you can get in touch with your car and start paying the loan installments only after the purchase. It is possible to repay the loan according to its availability, without having to pay the payment of a large sum in a single solution.
As also for motorbike loans, car loans are a very common type of financing offered by dealers when making the purchase.

Having all the right information on how to enjoy the thrill of driving the car that you have always wanted, will help to have greater clarity and awareness on the step that you intend to make, without making disproportionate actions to their economic possibilities so as to have then in the future unpleasant consequences.

Car loans are loans that are destined to buy a new or used car, but also for other vehicles. It is possible, in fact, to apply for a loan to buy a motorbike, a camper or a boat, thus giving space to satisfy one’s own needs or desires.
With car loans you can get such high figures that last up to ten years, so you can have immediately available the amount needed to buy the car or the vehicle that interests you and you can repay the loan with maximum simplicity, decreasing the monthly installments at the most convenient amount based on your needs and economic possibilities.

The auto loan always provides a fixed rate , so you know immediately the amount of the installment, you will always pay the same amount and you will know with certainty the cost of the entire loan, having everything clear from the signing of the loan contract.

Requirements for applying for a car loan

Requirements for applying for a car loan

The car loan represents the personal loan that can be requested if you have a work income or demonstrable pension produced in Italy.

The documentation that must be presented is as follows:

  • valid identity document;
  • valid health card;
  • income document.
  • quote of new or used car purchase made out to the loan applicant issued on letterhead of a car dealer or dealer.

Depending on the specific characteristics of the applicant for access to particular promotions in progress, other requirements and additional documentation may be required.

Regarding the request for a car loan, it is also possible to underwrite an optional insurance cover for the protection of oneself and the family and to be able to support their projects in peace without taking any risks.

Car loan without paycheck

Car loan without paycheck

If you need to buy a car but you do not have a paycheck, or you have a non-certified monthly salary, certainly it will not be easy to grant a credit and the car loan without a paycheck is the solution.

For the granting of a car loan without a paycheck, it is necessary to have additional guarantees that replace the regular monthly wage certified.

The types of guarantees that can be used to request a loan are:

  • declaration of income that applies to self-employed workers such as artisans, traders and even entrepreneurs;
  • provable income certification with the CUD;
  • regular payments into your checking account given by a job;
  • a property owned on which the mortgage can be applied;
  • monthly entry through a rent;
  • current account with a joint account holder who has an open-ended employment contract;
  • guarantor .

In particular, the guarantor is an important figure in the field of loans, because with his own signature he assumes the responsibility of carrying out the fulfillment of the loan in the event that the principal debtor is in default.

The guarantor becomes, therefore, the guarantor and stipulates a contract as co-bounded, so as to become, at the signing of the car loan, equally responsible for the timely return of the capital financed. For this reason, this figure must have some requirements :

  • permanent contract;
  • certified pay slip;
  • demonstrable income.



Get and quickly apply for a loan in Spain 2019

Internet has become an integral part of our modern life and helps us to acquire new knowledge, have fun, earn money and even apply for loans. Online loans in Europe and the United States have become a surprisingly popular system to overcome the financial crisis. Most modern people have already appreciated all the pros and cons of online loans, so they often choose this option for themselves. If you want to quickly organize and obtain a loan in 2019 in our country, you should definitely keep in mind some important points. To find out, we did a great job of studying the entire market segment, we evaluated the advantages and disadvantages, we solved the characteristics and the difficulties. At this time, you will receive a complete answer to your question if you read this publication until the end.

Quick loans – a step into the future!

Quick loans - a step into the future!

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the modern world is constantly accelerating and, in order to maintain it, we must maintain this elevated rhythm of life. Remember your daily routine: wake up, dress, have breakfast while traveling and then hurry to work; At the end of the workday, return to your home, go to bed and the next morning everything repeats itself. In this graph it is very difficult to find free minutes, so when unforeseen circumstances arise, we find ourselves in a dead end. Even a small deviation from the usual rhythm of life can be a real disaster. Imagine that you accidentally lost your wallet or your car broke down. what do in this situation? Of course, if you have a high credit rating in your bank, you can go to the nearest office and apply for a loan. But how long it will take to complete all the bureaucratic procedures in a bank: one day, two or even a whole week. Most potential borrowers simply can not afford to wait that long, so they have to use some alternative options.

Fast online loans are the best solution for all critical situations. Here are some reasons that confirm our theory:

– Saves time and nerves.
– Does not require a personal presence in the office.
– Does not require a high income or a good credit history.
– It works at all times and is always at hand.

Okay, there are already many advantages over traditional banking services. At the same time, if we are talking about loans for a small amount, then there are virtually no special requirements for the borrower. Private companies operate under the principle of quick solutions at a high price. That is, you receive money with minimum requirements or conditions, but in the end you will have to pay a higher interest rate than in a regular bank. Good or bad On the one hand, the additional costs can not please anyone, but on the other hand, only mini online private loans can be the only solution in a desperate situation.

How does the credit market develop in 2019?

How does the credit market develop in 2019?

The issue of quick loans is actively discussed in several publications. At the beginning of the development of online loans, well-known economists and financiers often published peculiar revelations and spoke negatively about this. But the gradual development and improvement of the industry have done their job: today it is difficult to imagine the credit market of any highly developed country without loans through the Internet.

But you must understand that the quality and effectiveness of any financial service depends directly on the provider. If we take into account instant loans online, there are several types of lenders: banks, non-banking institutions and individuals. Most of the time, the maintenance is done remotely (without the personal presence of the client). This is due to the need to save the borrower time and speed up the processing of applications. Thanks to the development of mobile phones and tablets, the online service has become even simpler and more efficient. The customer no longer has to go through a long registration process or specify a large amount of data. In some cases, simply transfer your bank ID or specify a bank account number to receive money in a few minutes.

Of the entire category of lenders, we recommend paying special attention to private financial institutions. These are organizations that operate on the basis of a license, but do not take money on deposit as a bank. Using such private companies you can get more loyal terms without additional restrictions.

The main task of this system is that it was able to receive money as soon as possible and with a minimum set of documents. But it is important to understand that any lender is obliged to gather information about the borrower to guarantee the timely payment of the loans. Taking this fact into account, you should understand that the simpler the terms of credit offered, the higher the commission and the interest rate.

For example, a loan for people with a bad credit history is very popular today. This is a typical situation in which, due to outstanding debts, the client is on the defaulter list and the banks refuse to provide financial assistance.

But there are separate Internet companies that are willing to provide a small amount within 30% of their monthly salary without checking their credit history. It seems attractive, but keep in mind that the effective interest rate on this type of loan can be more than 1000%. To the extent that this is a correct and informed decision, everyone should make their choice.

Where to get a quick loan in 15 minutes?

Where to get a quick loan in 15 minutes?

If you are interested in fast and profitable loans, you want to receive money for the account in 15 minutes without checks and without proof of solvency, we are ready to help you. Our site offers assistance in finding the best loan offers from banks, credit companies and P2P platforms. Using the convenient catalog, you can find direct creditors or intermediaries to receive the required amount in full and without additional margins. Keep in mind that our site is completely autonomous and works all day. The information is updated as updates are received on the lenders’ sites, so you always receive only the latest news and information about profitable credit products.

Nowadays, thanks to the use of this effective solution, each of you can obtain money for any purpose, and it is very easy and simple. Just choose one of the options, go to the online application form, enter personal information and wait for the creditor’s response. As practice shows, in about 15-20 minutes, you can receive a notification about the decision that received your request. The money will be credited within 24 hours.


First home loan: what are the requirements for obtaining it?


First home loan: what is it and how to choose the most suitable one

First home loan: what is it and how to choose the most suitable one

Once the property has been chosen, it is necessary to understand which figure to request; in general, for the first home loan, the credit institution covers up to 80% of the market value of the building . Some banks finance the full value; in this case one speaks of a 100% loan for greater guarantees and interests.

It is therefore necessary for the purchaser to look for the sum needed to purchase by evaluating the offers of the different credit institutions and thus find the proposal that best suits their needs.

Once the bank and mortgage have been identified, it will be necessary to complete the loan application with the information that shows the personal details of the applicant, the composition of the family unit, the type of work that takes place and the net income of the applicants, the description of the property that you intend to purchase, its appurtenances and its value.
These are the data that the bank needs to be able to express a first opinion of a possible grant of the first home loan, which is based on four main elements :

  • income of the applicant and of the family unit;
  • value of the property for which the loan is requested;
  • additional guarantees given by third parties;
  • ratio between installment and income, set indicatively by the bank of about 30% of the total monthly income of the applicants, not to go to excessively burden the family budget, thus ensuring the regular repayment of the medium-long term loan .

The documents necessary for the loan application

The documents necessary for the loan application

Once the feasibility opinion has been received, all the documentation ( income, registration and real estate ) must be forwarded to the credit institution to confirm what is stated in the loan application, which changes according to the applicant’s job position.
Specifically, an employee must provide:

  • declaration by the employer of his seniority of service;
  • last pay check and last CUD model or 730 model.

A self-employed worker or freelancer must provide:

  • copies of the Unico Pf model;
  • extract from the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Craft in case it is a self-employed person and a certificate of registration in the professional register in the case of a freelance professional.

It will also be necessary to present the registry and real estate documentation:

  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of marital status or extract of the marriage certificate with all the annotations;
  • extract of marriage complete with all the patrimonial conventions stipulated between the spouses;
  • a copy of the court’s ruling if the applicant is divorced or legally separated;
  • copy of the compromise;
  • plan of the building and its appurtenances;
  • copy of the last act of purchase of the property;
  • copy of the habitability certificate;
  • possible model 240 or model 4 of the succession office.

After acquiring the documentation submitted by the customer and carrying out further investigations, the bank makes the decision on the disbursement of the loan, giving immediate notice to the applicant, then setting the date for the stipulation of the public deed of the medium loan. -long term.

First home purchase discounts

First home purchase discounts

It is important to identify the requirements that determine a property being classified as a first home because this will allow you to enjoy important tax breaks .
Conditions for classifying a property before the house :

  • it must not be luxury property;
  • the buyer must be a natural person;
  • at the time of purchase, the buyer must not own another residential property in the same municipality as the one in the first house;
  • no other property purchased through first home facilitation must not be present on the entire national territory;
  • it is necessary that the buyer transfers the residence in the same Municipality of the purchased property within 18 months from the deed; otherwise, the forfeiture of the subsidies occurs within 12 months for the deduction of the interest payable on the loan to purchase the property itself.

Established that the property is really a first home, you can take advantage of specific tax breaks.

The following table shows the facilities as indicated by the Revenue Agency and also the comparison with the taxes provided for those who do not buy with the first home benefits.

Seller VAT Register ipotecaria cadastral
Private No 2% € 50 € 50
Company, with sale subject to VAT 4% 200 € 200 € 200
Company, with sale without VAT No 2% € 50 € 50
Seller VAT Register ipotecaria cadastral
Private No 9% € 50 € 50
Company, with sale subject to VAT 10% – 22% 200 € 200 € 200
Company, with sale without VAT No 9% € 50 € 50

If you buy using first-home facilities, you also provide for the deduction of the Tasi service tax , depending on the individual Municipalities, and also the deduction of the loan interest, corresponding to 19% of the cost incurred for interest on the mortgage loan stipulated for buy the main house.


Fixed rate and floating rate mortgages


Small loans fast 5 thousand euros: how to get a fast loan of 5 thousand euros in cash

Small loans fast 5 thousand euros: how to get a fast loan of 5 thousand euros in cash

When you need money to buy a house, to start a business or for any other reason, you can apply for a mortgage. Obviously, to be able to obtain money to be repaid in installments, it is necessary to demonstrate a certain economic soundness and sufficient guarantees, for example with a mortgage or with the presence of a guarantor. The money obtained must be returned with interest, but here comes a fundamental decision: fixed rate or variable rate? We will see later that today this distinction is less important than in the past because it is possible to renegotiate the conditions of the loan, or opt for a subrogation, but here is a good thing to consider.

personal loan

When the fixed rate is convenient

When the fixed rate is convenient

The fixed rate is calculated by referring to the Eurirs index, which in recent years has never been very low because it is based on the very low cost of money and is influenced by quantitative easing, a measure that puts money in circulation and therefore favors low interest rates.

The fixed rate has several advantages , ie the debtor from the beginning knows what the final sum he will have to pay for the borrowed money will be. Each installment will have the same amount and therefore there are no surprises, for those used to programming everything for sure is a welcome solution. The amount of the fixed rate, not being tied to the market trend, remains unchanged even if the cost of money should increase, but it remains the same even if not, ie if the cost of money falls.

At this point it must be emphasized that the fixed interest rate that the debtor pays does not correspond exactly to the cost of money, but to this plus the spread, ie a profit margin for the banks. This implies that although today the cost of money is very low, the fixed rate mortgage does not reflect this state of affairs altogether. It remains to be said that usually the spread does not exceed 2%, in this way it is possible today to obtain money in the mortgage with an interest rate that does not exceed 3% or that slightly exceeds it.

At the interest rate must however be added the costs of preliminary investigation and installment installment, many banks offer solutions with reduced or no cost for this is good to ask for more quotes. Generally with a low cost of money the fixed rate mortgage is recommended, especially when the mortgage amortization plan is long enough , for example 20 years because the interest rate is unlikely to remain low even in the future.

Does the variable rate mortgage agree?

Does the variable rate mortgage agree?

The variable rate mortgage is characterized by following the market trend, which means that with a very low cost of money today it is possible to obtain financing and start paying a very small payment, smaller than the fixed rate. The amount, however, will not remain fixed over time , but will most likely tend to increase because it is possible to hypothesize that such low interest rates tend not to remain so for very long periods. This means that in a few years the installment could be much higher than that which would be with the fixed rate.

Also with regard to the variable rate, the spread must be taken into account (which remains fixed and added to the Euribor index, ie the reference index for the variable rate), the costs of the preliminary investigation and the collection costs. It must be emphasized that it is possible to protect yourself from an excessively high rate with the bargaining from the beginning of a maximum cap (CAP) , in this case a contract is stipulated in which if the Euribor index decreases the amount of the installment decreases, if exceeds the limit set, remains blocked at the chosen rate. It must be said that usually this type of contract provides for a higher spread. Another possibility is to start with a variable rate, for example 5 years and continue to pay the installments with a fixed rate. However, these variations depend on the bank to which it is addressed and the related proposals.

Surrogate of the mortgage or renegotiation of the conditions?

In the past few years many of those who had contracted a loan with a variable rate have found themselves with interest rates soared to the stars and therefore difficulty in paying the installments, for these were identified solutions.

The first is the subrogation of the mortgage. Law 40 of 2007, also known as the Bersani law, provides for the possibility of transferring the loan from one bank to another without paying additional charges . This is a measure to negotiate new favorable conditions. The bank that initially granted the loan can not refuse this transfer.

An alternative to subrogation is renegotiation; this differs from the subrogation because it happens with the same bank and there is not a new contract, but only a modification of the conditions initially envisaged.

Account loan of Italian post offices

Loans for merchants

Loans for merchants

Spots related to BancoPosta 2016 loans have been broadcast on television channels for several days: Poste Italiane offers a wide range of loans designed for different needs; in this article we will discover the characteristics of the various products such as rates and installments and the prerogatives in order to request access to the various products.


  • Undoubtedly it is a new flexible online loan that gives you the opportunity to change and / or modify your installment without additional costs with 100% online process.
  • You can save time and money by requesting the BancoPosta Click Loan directly from home and obtain up to 3000 euros without any additional costs.

Through the BancoPosta Loan, it is possible to obtain loans starting from 2,000 and can reach up to 30,000 euros to be repaid with a repayment plan that can take from 12 to 84 months. the customer in a totally free way every month has the possibility to change the amount of the installment and to bring to the end of the financing the payment of a specified number of monthly payments. In a nutshell, it is free to decide in a totally autonomous and free way between different possibilities of change installment and installment.


The process for obtaining this personal loan is very easy: you have to go to a post office and have an identity document, a health card and a document that can certify the presence of income. If the request is approved, the amount can be issued in different ways: credit on Bancoposta account , credit on PostePay Evolution , directly in cash at the post office (up to 10,000 euros) or by means of a booklet credit for holders of a postal booklet , by means of a credit to the current account of other entities for non-BancoPosta customers, the reimbursement methods are made by monthly debits on the current account or PostePay Evolution or by means of traditional postal slips. Each request for funding can be made and concluded with a procedure that also includes the Digital Signature in order to allow the customer to coordinate the practice anywhere, from their home or office, via PC, smartphone or tablet. In order to obtain the financing it is necessary to hold a BancoPosta or bank account. There are several types of BancoPosta loans that we will now analyze in detail.


The BancoPosta Consolidation Loan is the loan designed to simplify the deadlines of the various loans in a single monthly installment, also obtaining liquidity as a surplus in order to finance a new project. You can get amounts from 3,000 to 50,000 euros with a validity ranging from 36 to 96 months . The requirements are always the same. The amount is issued in a single payment with the credit to the borrower’s BancoPosta account; the fixed monthly installments are credited to the same account. Needless to say that the reliability is maximum , guaranteed by a serious body such as Poste Italiane that in the field of loans continues to be a point of reference for many applicants: no surprise, therefore, at the time of the request, loan stipulation and during the times of payment of money.


The bancoposta flexible loan is the loan that adapts to the needs of the customer, with whom you have the possibility to change the amount of the installment or to move it at the end of the loan. You can also get a loan of 3,000 to 30,000 euros with a duration of 12 to 84 months . Very important are the requirements to have to apply for this loan are the same as before, to which is added the ownership of a BancoPosta account or even better than a postal booklet . The procedure takes place in all the post offices, to which one must go having an identity document, a health card and a document to prove the income. If the loan is granted, the amount is issued with direct credit to the BancoPosta account or to another current account for the postal booklet holders. Those who hold the Bancoposta account can request an extension up to 108 months from the time I can exercise the option of change or jump installment, the monthly payment is made by direct debit on current account.


All BancoPosta account holders who want to renovate or renovate their home can request the BancoPosta Home Renovation Loan , with an amount up to 60,000 euros, which money can also be used for the purchase of photovoltaic or solar panels, large appliances and furniture. It is particularly important to remember that part of the expenses for this type of purchase can be removed due to the tax benefits provided for by the Stability Law. This loan ranges from 36 to 120 months . As for previous loans for the requirements there are no news compared to other products, while in addition to the usual documents necessary for the practice must be added cost estimates or order form . The sum is issued in a single solution by means of a credit to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement takes place with the payment of the monthly fixed installments.


This type of loan , as you can easily guess from the name, is the financing for those who want to buy a house, but also a garage or a cellar. The sum that can be obtained goes from 10,000 to 60,000 euros and the duration ranges from 36 to 120 months . As we have explained above, the requirements are always the same, while the usual documents (identity, income, health card) must be added to the compromise registered or the deed of purchase . Usually the payment of the sum is made through a single solution with credit to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement is made through the payment of the fixed monthly installments. Without doubt a very convenient option, which owes its success to a serious institution like Poste Italiane, which in the field of online loans continues to establish itself in 2016 as every year, thus bringing a fantastic form of financing towards consumers who need of small numbers to be able to complete investments of any kind.


  The BancoPosta Auto Loan is otherwise the ideal financing for BancoPosta customers who want to buy a new or used machine. Surely there is the possibility to get a figure from 7,500 to 30,000 euros with a duration of 30 to 84 months . The minimum requirements are always the same, while the normal documents must be added to the estimate of the purchase of the car payable to those who go to apply for the loan and issued by a dealer or car dealer must have letterhead. The loan is issued in a single payment with credit to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement is made by charging the monthly fixed installments on the same account of the applicant. In addition there is a very similar product, the BancoPosta Moto Loan , born for the purchase of a motorcycle: the amount that can be obtained goes from 5,000 to 20,000 euros to be repaid in 24/48 months .

Loans for merchants

Loans changed without payroll news of 2016

Modified loans: features and requirements

 Modified loans: features and requirements

Modified loans represent the banking products that best adapt to the various needs of those who can not offer the credit institution a paycheck as a guarantee or those who have had problems as a bad payer with reporting in Crif.

These are important loans that are disbursed by issuing bills. Precisely for this reason, the request for a loan that has been changed is rather simple and, in particular, fast : generally, you receive a reply in the 24 or maximum 48 hours.

It will be possible to ask for a loan that has been changed without having a paycheck or for those who are reported as bad payers through other guarantees :

  • signature of a guarantor that has a reasonable demonstrable income, such as paycheck, CUD, pension slip and, in particular, that is not reported to a central risk as a bad payer;
  • mortgage on a property: if you do not have anyone who can sign as a guarantor, you can offer the mortgage on a property owned. In the event of default on bills of exchange, the bank may go and redo the property given as collateral by an auction.

The loans that have been changed are a privileged form for creditors, who have the opportunity to refer to the debtor’s assets quickly and effectively.

Therefore, it is possible to outline two main figures of potential applicants , among whom perhaps we can recognize:

  • those who have an income from employment or self-employment, without major burdens determined by additional loans in progress and without being bad payers or protested;
  • those that do not have creditworthiness requirements: this could be due to the lack of a paycheck or income certification or to problems in repaying other loans. In this case, the changed loan is an obligatory path, for the greater security given to the creditor bank to satisfy the credit.

The elasticity in the repayment and the possible renewal characterize the loan changed, compared to other forms of personal loan. In cases of temporary difficulties, there may be the possibility that a bill will be renewed or a new effect will be issued.

However, there is no need to place unlimited trust in loans that have been changed since they are loans that are paid out at the end of an investigation in which the bank will try to understand how it intends to repay the capital. So, if you have an insufficient income, even with a loan that has been changed, the bank may require a third party guarantee or endorsement.

Moreover, the request for a loan that has been changed and the impossibility to pay could have more negative consequences for the debt situation, exacerbating its economic-financial position and, therefore, the family budget.

News on changed loans

 News on changed loans

2015 saw a significant increase in requests for personal loans, as well as mortgages, leases and loans that had been changed. Likewise, funding concessions are also growing; in fact, the first months of 2016 have confirmed this trend. Both families and companies increasingly require credit to support both small and large expenses.

In general, funding is required primarily to purchase new cars, to incur medical expenses and study costs, especially for university courses.

Above all in the field of loans for loans, new financial realities have emerged with the use of ad hoc credit products. As in the field of banking institutions or credit institutions, various online portals specialized in consulting or guidance for the request for a personal loan to be repaid through installment changes, have focused on a more direct and professional service with the user. Among the characteristics of the loan that the user usually searches online is the ease and speed with which it is requested and provided.

Mortgages for civil unions and de facto couples

With the entry into force of the Cirinnà Law ( Law No. 76/2016) the concepts of civil unions between persons of the same sex and of de facto couples (both heterosexual and homosexual) were defined by law, and therefore protected without legal constraints: the first are equivalent to a family and enjoy the same rights from the civil point of view. Couples are not legally recognized as a family; in the face of some benefits, they have different limits, especially in the field of inheritance. All this also has effects on mortgage regulations.

mortgage civil unions and de facto couples

Cirinnà Law for civil unions: the practical aspects

With the Cirinnà Law that officially recognizes civil unions in our country , experts have questioned what could be the direct consequences of this legislation on the granting of loans for the purchase of a house.

The most common opinion is that with the formalization and regulation of civil unions, when applying for and granting the loan the same identical conditions must be applied , both in terms of communion of assets and in separation, provided for in the report matrimonial. On the other hand, at the formal level, the legal recognition of a de facto couple follows the same administrative procedure of civil marriage. The decree on civil unions, in fact, provides that recognition must take place before a public official, in the presence of two witnesses, with the only difference that the obligation of loyalty is not provided for in the civil ceremonial ritual.

Unless otherwise specified, therefore, one automatically enters the regime of the communion of goods and, therefore, one can not apply a different regulation in matters of mortgages with respect to a married couple with civil marriage.

Therefore, with the introduction of the Cirinnà Law and the recognition of civil unions, legally recognized couples enter into a de facto matrimonial regime that entails the same burdens and advantages already regulated previously and for the purposes of the loan there are no substantial differences in procedures and disbursement and, therefore, there is only the recognition of a condition of official cohabitation that on a financial level equates unmarried couples with married couples.

Mortgages and civil unions: the details

Mortgages and civil unions: the details

Analyzing in detail the Italian regulation on mortgages and trying to go into the specific case of a de facto couple officially recognized by civil unions, immediately emerges the aspect of the tax deduction .

In particular, a joint mortgage can be stipulated and, in that case, if the communion of assets is in force, each element of the couple can proceed to the deduction of the interest payable as required by the law, which provides for a deduction of 19% with a ceiling maximum fixed at 4 thousand euros but, if one of the two owners of the loan is borne by the partner, the latter has the possibility to deduct up to 100% of the portion of the interest expense. This is a not-so-important step forward for unmarried couples in Italy who, even when they have to start a mortgage, are considered in all respects like a family.

The same argument, of course, is made in the case in which a legal separation occurs with a mortgage in place: as in the case of married couples, if a de facto couple is dissolved the regulation is subject to Title III of Book I of the Bonds of the Civil Code, that is the part related to the passage of food. In that case, the part not economically weaker, considered therefore more able to provide for the economic sustenance of the other, can be obliged by the judge to continue to pay in full the installment of the loan, obviously providing the deduction of that sum from the check maintenance. This even if the house is assigned to the retained part of the couple, just as in the marriage separation procedure.

Going to analyze the most delicate case, namely the death of one of the members of a de facto couple linked by a civil union, the other component should happen to the deceased as an heir , thus acquiring the right to the property of the property, if not otherwise specified in the will but, at the same time, in the case of the presence of a loan still on, the same heir inherits the obligation of extinction . This obligation lapses only if the heir formally renounces the inheritance and, therefore, also the ownership of the property.

Mortgages and couples that are not legally recognized

Mortgages and couples that are not legally recognized

Among the de facto legally recognized couples with civil unions and those that live together in a de facto situation without any legal recognition, there are some differences in the matter of mortgage and real estate.

In this case, everything concerning the property regime can be regulated by a marriage contract which specifies the patrimonial regime (communion, separation) that one intends to maintain, and the way in which one intends to regulate each type of slope in case of the dissolution of the relationship or of the death of one of the two companions

Specifically, in fact, even if non-jointly de facto unmarried couples have been equally recognized within the Cirinnà Law and can regulate their property relations through a “cohabitation agreement”, in the event of death there are considerable differences .

In fact, when one of the two cohabitants fails, the other has the right to remain in the home for at least another two years or for a period equal to cohabitation if more than two years and in any case not later than 5 years : in this case , a discourse related to the inheritance can not be in force because the cohabitant is not recognized as an heir and the house passes automatically to the natural or acquired heirs of the deceased, according to the law.

In the case of a lease contract , however, if the holder of the contract dies, the cohabitant has the right to take over the same contract.

How to get Inpdap loans


Inpdap loans represent credit formulas presented on advantageous terms, intended for public employees or pensioners.

inpdap loans

Characteristics and types of Inpdap loans

It is good to underline that the Inpdap no longer exists ; in fact, thanks to the approval of the Save Italy Decree, the transfer of its functions to the Inps was arranged, which represents the point of reference for former Inpdap members .

What distinguishes Inpdap loans is the status of products at favorable conditions; they can be provided by INPS or by the credit institutions that have signed agreements with the social security institution. Furthermore, the applicant must be enrolled in the Public Employee Management.

The structuring of the offer is based in particular on three products :

  • small loans , a resource to be used for everyday needs;
  • direct multi-year loans ;
  • multi-year guaranteed loans .

Characteristics and types of Inpdap loans

Small loans

The small loans allow the applicant access to a credit solution that allows them to support contingencies and urgencies. Repayment plans change from a minimum of one to a maximum of four years: 12 to 48 installments. No expense documentation is required; instead, the amounts agreed vary according to the duration of the loan and the credit profile of the applicant.

The minimum loan corresponds to a net salary or monthly salary of the employee; on the other hand, the maximum figure is reached by means of four-year loans granted to those who have no further deductions in progress for assignments of one-fifth of salary. In this case it is possible to obtain up to 8 months.

The interest rates that are applied respect some parameters:

  • nominal annual interest rate: 4.25%;
  • risk fund premium;
  • administration fees: 0.50%.

Direct multi-year Inpdap loans

With the choice of direct multi-year loans it is possible to access a loan for personal or family needs that must be documented .

The repayment terms are two: 5 or 10 years, which respectively provide for 60 or 120 monthly installments. The beneficiaries must have 4 years of service and must be registered in the Unitary Management of credit and social services .

The taxpayer’s contract must be indefinitely; otherwise, if the student has a fixed-term contract, not less than 3 years, he / she will be able to enjoy the loan, but the installments must be settled before the end of the employment relationship and must also use the severance pay to ensure financing.

Guaranteed multi-year loans Inpdap

Among the various offers there are also long-term loans guaranteed: this is a loan guaranteed by INPS Management of Public Employees to face risks , such as the death of the member before the extinction of the assignment, the termination of service without using the pension entitlement, the decrease in the salary of the transferor.

As in the previous case, five-year or 10-year repayment plans will be issued. The amount of the installment, however, can not exceed one fifth of the net monthly salary. Furthermore, the applicant must be in service activities for at least 4 years.

No expense documentation is required; instead, a medical certification is required that certifies a healthy constitution. With regard to the interest rate, it is not possible to give an exact estimate because it is a loan granted by credit institutions and also by financial companies.

In any case, the paying agencies must clearly and explicitly indicate the Taeg. Depending on the information provided by the INPS, it should be noted that in relation to the gross amount of the concession it is necessary to keep in mind:

  • 0.50% for INPS administration costs;
  • interests and administrative expenses of lenders;
  • Compensation premium for insolvency risk which corresponds to 1.5% for 5-year loans and 3% for 10-year loans.

How to apply for an Inpdap loan

In order to apply for an Inpdap loan, simply go to the official website of the Institute to check the section on the forms . After completing the application , you must present it to the competent provincial or territorial office . There is no documentation for the expense, nor for the production of reasons.

This particular type of loan can be repaid in 12, 24, 36 or 48 installments by repayment in cash or by direct debit to the bank or postal account of the applicant who is a worker or pensioner.

The Inpdap provides, therefore, a series of credit solutions designed for state employees or for pensioners at favorable conditions compared to other types of loans, offering a possible choice between the different types that are part of this particular financial formula.

Loans types and requirements


Mass media often launch advertisements related to BancoPosta loans , which include a wide range of loans designed for the various needs.

bank loan

Characteristics of the Bancoposta loan

With the BancoPosta Loan you can obtain loans of between € 2,000 and € 30,000 repayable through a repayment plan that can have a duration of 12 to 84 months. For access to the product there are some requirements :

  • residence in Italy;
  • income from work or pension produced in Italy and also demonstrable.

The procedure for granting this personal loan is very simple: you need to go to a post office and present a valid identity document, a health card and a document certifying your income.

Once the request has been approved, the amount may be disbursed in various ways, credited to the Bancoposta account or credited to PostePay Evolution, but also in cash to the post office for an amount not exceeding 10,000 euros or with credit on the postal booklet and finally , with credit on the current account of other entities if you are not a BancoPosta customer.

The reimbursement, instead, takes place through monthly debits on the current account or PostePay Evolution or through the classic postal slips.

Characteristics of the Bancoposta loan

The BancoPosta Flexible loan

The BancoPosta Flexible loan is also part of the BancoPosta loans category ; it is a loan that adapts to the different needs of the customer, which allows the possibility to make changes to the amount of the installment or to move it to the conclusion of the loan.

It is possible to apply for loans from 3,000 to 30,000 euros with a duration of 12 to 84 months with the possibility of extension up to 108 months.

The requirements to apply for this loan are the same as those provided for the Bancoposta loan, but in this case it is necessary to hold a BancoPosta account or a postal booklet.

The procedure is conducted at post offices, with the presentation of a valid identity document, a health card and a document to prove income. If the loan is granted, the amount will be disbursed by direct crediting to the BancoPosta account or to another current account or postal account. The holders of the Bancoposta account have the possibility to request the extension up to 108 months with the option of change or jump installment; the monthly payment is made by direct debit to the current account.

The BancoPosta Consolidation Loan

Bancoposta Consolidamento loan is designed to simplify the maturities of loans in a single monthly commitment, also having the extra cash to finance a new project. You can have amounts from 3,000 to 50,000 euros with a relative duration of 36 to 96 months.

Also in this case the requirements are the same; the amount is paid in a single payment by crediting the applicant’s BancoPosta account, while the monthly fixed installments are debited.

Bancoposta loan to renovate or buy a home

BancoPosta account holders wishing to renew or buy a house can apply for the BancoPosta Restructuring Home loan , for an amount not exceeding € 60,000.

This loan can also be used to buy solar or photovoltaic panels, or large appliances and furniture. This loan has a duration of 36 to 120 months.

The requirements are the same as those envisaged for other Bancoposta loans with the addition of cost estimates or order form . The payment of the sum takes place in a single solution by crediting to the BancoPosta account, while the repayment is made by charging the fixed monthly installments.

The BancoPosta Purchase House Loan , on the other hand, is the type of loan for those who want to buy a house, or a garage or a cellar. The amount obtainable goes from 10,000 to 60,000 euros and is expected to last between 36 and 120 months. Also in this case the requirements are the same ; instead, to generic documents such as identity card, health card and income , the compromise registered or the deed of purchase is added . The sum is paid in a single payment by crediting to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement is made through the payment of the monthly fixed installments.

Mini BancoPosta Loan

Mini Loan Bancoposta is a minimum amount loan that can be requested by the holders of PostePay Evolution Card. It is possible to have 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 euros, with a refund in 22 months. For access to this product you need the following requirements :

  • ownership of a PostePay Evolution Card with an age between 18 and 70 years at the request;
  • presentation of a valid identity document, income certification, health card.

Delivery is done on the PostePay Evolution Card; the charge of the fixed monthly installments, instead, can take place on the Card, but also on the postal current account.