Account loan of Italian post offices

Account loan of Italian post offices

Loans for merchants

Loans for merchants

Spots related to BancoPosta 2016 loans have been broadcast on television channels for several days: Poste Italiane offers a wide range of loans designed for different needs; in this article we will discover the characteristics of the various products such as rates and installments and the prerogatives in order to request access to the various products.


  • Undoubtedly it is a new flexible online loan that gives you the opportunity to change and / or modify your installment without additional costs with 100% online process.
  • You can save time and money by requesting the BancoPosta Click Loan directly from home and obtain up to 3000 euros without any additional costs.

Through the BancoPosta Loan, it is possible to obtain loans starting from 2,000 and can reach up to 30,000 euros to be repaid with a repayment plan that can take from 12 to 84 months. the customer in a totally free way every month has the possibility to change the amount of the installment and to bring to the end of the financing the payment of a specified number of monthly payments. In a nutshell, it is free to decide in a totally autonomous and free way between different possibilities of change installment and installment.


The process for obtaining this personal loan is very easy: you have to go to a post office and have an identity document, a health card and a document that can certify the presence of income. If the request is approved, the amount can be issued in different ways: credit on Bancoposta account , credit on PostePay Evolution , directly in cash at the post office (up to 10,000 euros) or by means of a booklet credit for holders of a postal booklet , by means of a credit to the current account of other entities for non-BancoPosta customers, the reimbursement methods are made by monthly debits on the current account or PostePay Evolution or by means of traditional postal slips. Each request for funding can be made and concluded with a procedure that also includes the Digital Signature in order to allow the customer to coordinate the practice anywhere, from their home or office, via PC, smartphone or tablet. In order to obtain the financing it is necessary to hold a BancoPosta or bank account. There are several types of BancoPosta loans that we will now analyze in detail.


The BancoPosta Consolidation Loan is the loan designed to simplify the deadlines of the various loans in a single monthly installment, also obtaining liquidity as a surplus in order to finance a new project. You can get amounts from 3,000 to 50,000 euros with a validity ranging from 36 to 96 months . The requirements are always the same. The amount is issued in a single payment with the credit to the borrower’s BancoPosta account; the fixed monthly installments are credited to the same account. Needless to say that the reliability is maximum , guaranteed by a serious body such as Poste Italiane that in the field of loans continues to be a point of reference for many applicants: no surprise, therefore, at the time of the request, loan stipulation and during the times of payment of money.


The bancoposta flexible loan is the loan that adapts to the needs of the customer, with whom you have the possibility to change the amount of the installment or to move it at the end of the loan. You can also get a loan of 3,000 to 30,000 euros with a duration of 12 to 84 months . Very important are the requirements to have to apply for this loan are the same as before, to which is added the ownership of a BancoPosta account or even better than a postal booklet . The procedure takes place in all the post offices, to which one must go having an identity document, a health card and a document to prove the income. If the loan is granted, the amount is issued with direct credit to the BancoPosta account or to another current account for the postal booklet holders. Those who hold the Bancoposta account can request an extension up to 108 months from the time I can exercise the option of change or jump installment, the monthly payment is made by direct debit on current account.


All BancoPosta account holders who want to renovate or renovate their home can request the BancoPosta Home Renovation Loan , with an amount up to 60,000 euros, which money can also be used for the purchase of photovoltaic or solar panels, large appliances and furniture. It is particularly important to remember that part of the expenses for this type of purchase can be removed due to the tax benefits provided for by the Stability Law. This loan ranges from 36 to 120 months . As for previous loans for the requirements there are no news compared to other products, while in addition to the usual documents necessary for the practice must be added cost estimates or order form . The sum is issued in a single solution by means of a credit to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement takes place with the payment of the monthly fixed installments.


This type of loan , as you can easily guess from the name, is the financing for those who want to buy a house, but also a garage or a cellar. The sum that can be obtained goes from 10,000 to 60,000 euros and the duration ranges from 36 to 120 months . As we have explained above, the requirements are always the same, while the usual documents (identity, income, health card) must be added to the compromise registered or the deed of purchase . Usually the payment of the sum is made through a single solution with credit to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement is made through the payment of the fixed monthly installments. Without doubt a very convenient option, which owes its success to a serious institution like Poste Italiane, which in the field of online loans continues to establish itself in 2016 as every year, thus bringing a fantastic form of financing towards consumers who need of small numbers to be able to complete investments of any kind.


  The BancoPosta Auto Loan is otherwise the ideal financing for BancoPosta customers who want to buy a new or used machine. Surely there is the possibility to get a figure from 7,500 to 30,000 euros with a duration of 30 to 84 months . The minimum requirements are always the same, while the normal documents must be added to the estimate of the purchase of the car payable to those who go to apply for the loan and issued by a dealer or car dealer must have letterhead. The loan is issued in a single payment with credit to the BancoPosta account and the reimbursement is made by charging the monthly fixed installments on the same account of the applicant. In addition there is a very similar product, the BancoPosta Moto Loan , born for the purchase of a motorcycle: the amount that can be obtained goes from 5,000 to 20,000 euros to be repaid in 24/48 months .

Loans for merchants