Aladdin bail bonds in Los Angeles -What’s the difference between bail and bond?

What’s the difference between bail and bond?

In recent days, and with the coming and going of many politicians in Spanish prisons, we are hearing that several of them are avoiding it, for the payment of bonds. In this article we will explain the different types of bail that exist, as well as their purpose:


  • Civil bond: ensure the payment of possible civil liabilities or costs that may arise in the future litigation
  • Criminal bond: ensure the presence of the defendant or defendant, guarantee the payment of damages caused by the filing of a complaint or evade provisional custody. It can also be considered as a precautionary measure against third-party civil liability parties not investigated in the process, whether they are directly or indirectly liable.

The deposit can be requested in cash or by securing movable or immovable property that has a known value and is easy to carry out. Bonds are bail monies paid by a bail bond company, which are available via lions bail bonds.



Bail bonds

The amount of this will be fixed in the same car and can not lower one third more than all the probable amount of the pecuniary responsibilities. “

To be able to adopt this measure, some necessary legal requirements are demanded, such as the existence of indications in the actions that imply criminality against a person, that the injured party has not renounced the criminal or civil action, or reserved the latter, that is adopted in form of auto, and that the passive subject is the one investigated, prosecuted or criminally responsible for the facts.

Ordinary bond:

The ordinary bond seeks to guarantee the payment of the costs of the proceedings and the civil sentence contained in the criminal judgment.

Article 589 of the Law of Criminal Procedure provides ” When the summary result indications of criminality against a person, will be ordered by the judge to provide enough bail to ensure pecuniary responsibilities that can ultimately be declared appropriate, decreeing in the same order the embargo of sufficient assets to cover these liabilities if I do not provide bail.

Types of ordinary bond:

  • Personnel:can be lent by a person who is Spanish, with a civil neighborhood within the national territory, in the fullness of their civil and political rights and has sufficient solvency.
  • Credit: provides this type of bond (similar to the bond) as that of rapid realization through the claim of the amount. The main mechanism of this type of bond is the bank guarantee, although it is an open formula that requires the immediate availability of the stipulated amount.
  • Pledge: assurance of movable or immovable property, such as the provision of a guarantee from a credit institution, or surety insurance.
  • Mortgage: the constitution of the mortgage on real estate, by public deed or apud Acta and previous valuation of two experts.

Once the lawsuit is concluded if civil responsibilities are finally declared and the convicted persons must respond to them, they will be executed according to articles 613 and 536.

Bond for Complaint

Article 280 of the LECrim establishes ” The particular complainant shall provide a bond of the kind and in the amount fixed by the Judge or Court to answer the results of the trial.”

The purpose of this bond is to ensure compensation for the pecuniary liabilities of the complainant, a condemnatory judgment in costs or acquittal.

The offended parties or their heirs and legal representatives, the widow or widower, ascendants, descendants or collaterals in cases of homicide or murder offenses are not obliged to provide this type of bail.

Really who is obliged to provide this type of bond are foreigners, including the aforementioned if not when there is reciprocity, and in the case of popular action

Bail to escape prison

Purpose: to ensure presence at the hearing of the Oral Trial, as well as the satisfaction of the costs,  incurred 

Requirements: the existence of rational indications of participation of the investigated in the criminal act, and that the penalty to be imposed is greater than two years.

It is agreed by means of Auto, the previous summons of the investigated one to the appearance gathered in the art. the badly named “vistilla”. In the case, Auto the Judge agrees on the type of bond and the amount

Likewise, when the order is granted provisional release on bail, it is accompanied by the obligation to appear before the appointed days, as well as those that the accused is called by the judicial body.

What happens if we breach and do not appear in the Court?

  • Admission in prison: Article 540, authorizes the judge to reduce to prison the investigated or accused.
  • If bail or personal property of a third party: the Lawyer of the Administration of Justice will require the personal guarantor or owner of the property within 10 days present the rebel.

If you do not submit it:
– Imprisonment for the researched and;
– Loss of goods delivered on bail or opening via urgency for the sale of goods and subsequent collection by the State. This situation may also occur once there is a final conviction and the convicted person does not show up to comply with the sentence imposed.