Miami court orders arrest without bail to man who shot his pregnant girlfriend

A man from Miami appeared before the court on Wednesday after shooting his 38-week pregnant partner last weekend, Local 10 News reported.

Xavier Raymond Del Toro, 29, shot his pregnant girlfriend Rosalyn Toledo, 22 years old.

About the couple

About the couple

The couple, who resided at Northwest 11th Place and 43rd Street, Miami, had an altercation on Saturday. Local police officers indicate that Del Toro was drunk at the time of the dispute and hit his partner in the face with a clenched fist. After the assault, Rosalyn asked her boyfriend to leave the premises.

Del Toro left the house annoying and proceeded to threaten her. “I’m going to shoot,” he said, according to an arrest report. “You’re going to see, I’m going to shoot.”

Then, Del Toro shot Toledo through the glass door of his residence. The pregnant woman received two shots in the upper left part of her chest. Once the crime was committed, the defendant fled the scene in a white Mercedes-Benz.

However, he ended up surrendering to the Miami authorities on Tuesday. Rosalyn survived the attack and gave birth to a baby at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Kayla Toledo, the victim’s sister, said Tuesday she still could not understand Del Toro’s behavior. The couple had been together for almost 5 years. “They seemed very happy. They just bought a new house and he was very happy with the baby.”

After the incident, Raymond Del Toro was transferred to Guilford Knight Turner Correctional Center. This Wednesday the defendant appeared for the first time before the federal district court.

Judge judgment

Judge judgment

Judge Renatha S. Francis, in charge of handling the case, decided to hold him -without the possibility of bail- until the trial ends. The 29-year-old faces charges of attempted murder in the first degree and aggravated assault.

Del Toro “joined hands in a position of prayer” when he heard the court say that his son was safe, after the violent incident.