ON BAIL : Justin Bieber released


After a night in prison, Justin Bieber was released on payment of a small bail.

Miami Beach ( alc ) – If anyone is allowed to receive the trophy for the biggest rock’n’roll clichés, surely that’s Justin Bieber. The hard rockers have been practicing for years in subtle understatement, only the Canadians let it really crack.

Driving without a driver’s license

Driving without a driver

Because of a drug- and alcohol-induced race in a yellow Lamborghini against a red Ferrari, resistance to state violence and driving without a valid driver’s license, the police arrested the singer early Thursday morning. Bieber smiled warmly at the law enforcement officers as they picked up the musician’s mugshots.

In the orange prisoner outfit Bieber was then presented to the judge, who set him free against the payment of a Winz bail of the equivalent of 1,800 euros. Almost a “you get out of prison” card.

Fans celebrate Justin

Fans celebrate Justin

The security staff of the prison then escorted Bieber to an already waiting car. In the course of the night, a mob of Beliebers gathered in front of the correctional facility and shrieked their idol. The so cheered could not resist to get on the roof of the car to celebrate properly. That’s Rock’n’Roll!