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Personal Credit Money Man, is a method that this company offers for people who look for a borrowed value , in a virtual way. Without leaving home.

The values vary from 50 euros to 400 euros and it is easy and fast to contract, without counting that, if necessary, the money can be returned without cancellation fees, only with the interest value of the days in which the client He stayed with the money.

The credits in general are with higher values increasing the interest rates and leaving the final amount for return much higher than the one received at the beginning, with the Personal Credit Money Man the client obtains a much lower interest rate, the final amount to be returned is slightly older.

What is it  

Personal Money Man Credit is preferred for those contractors who had an emergency and did not have a small cash value at the time. With this loan it is possible to contract the emergency money in just 10 minutes.

With a fully digital platform, it is possible to make the contract online, whether or not it is a client of the financier, so the mini credit is the most viable and agile option, maintaining the client’s data security and maintaining direct contact.

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To acquire is easy and fast asking only ID, telephone and bank account that the client prefers for the deposit of the requested money.

Why apply

Why apply

With an amount of up to 400 euros the Money Man Personal Credit brings more accessibility for those who need short and short term money. With flexible terms for repayment, the interest rate is totally more convenient for the type of credit.

For this and other advantages, the financer provides a total of the direct final amount in the simulation with the values and the number of plots, which may be up to 2, for return at the client’s discretion.

After having requested and paid the first personal loan requested, the client can request higher value loans, which can reach up to 1,200 pesos and with longer terms to pay, up to 4 months.

For the Money Man Personal Credit, it is extremely urgent that the money be in the hands of the contractor as quickly as possible, for this reason in up to 15 minutes after the approval the money will be in the client’s account, unlike other banks that It takes up to 24 hours for the deposit.

The interests are executed according to the time in which the contractor keeps the loan, and if it is necessary to return it in advance it will be possible, freeing the contractor of the payment of the plots.

How to apply – Pessoal Money Man Credit

Because Money Man’s Personal Credit platform is completely online, the contractor can apply for credit through the Internet without having to leave the house or stay in the queue of a bank for hours.

To apply for the online credit it is necessary to fill out a simulation with the value of the money that the client needs, the number of days or parcels that he will have to pay, and observe the value of the effective interest rate within the final amount to be returned.

At the time of the simulation it is important to choose the value and the number of parcels well, since the simulation will be sent to the financier for credit acceptance.

Additional Information

For people who have an interest in the modality, they can be accessing the official Money Man site, through this link: or they can still get in touch by phone 93 722 73 54 to know more details.

After the simulation is completed, the future contractor will be redirected to a page with a basic form to be answered, where basic information will be requested for additional information.

The sending of some documents will also be requested, but nothing that the client would not have in hand and everything would be scanned to again save the time of the future contractor in relation to the emergency. Visit Money Man Personal Credit .

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Mortgage annuity loan for over 60 homeowners

Debt Consolidation

Protested loans and bad payers: how to get a loan if you have a protest

 Protested loans and bad payers: how to get a loan if you have a protest  

Fixed rate and variable rate mortgages

 Fixed rate and variable rate mortgages  

Mortgages for civil unions and de facto couples

The mortgage loan is a form of financing reserved for those who have already turned 60 and owns real estate . Those who turn on this type of financing without installments do not lose ownership and are not required to leave the house.

Life loan: requirements and amount obtainable

 Life loan: requirements and amount obtainable

With the life loan the applicant can have a sum of money not exceeding approximately € 350,000 for which he will not have to pay any installment or interest for the whole life.

The amount received is guaranteed by a mortgage on the home , or on a property not yet mortgaged.

The amount that can be requested changes according to the value of the property and the age of the applicant: the greater the age, the greater the percentage granted will be. In particular, older people have the possibility to request up to 50% of the value of the property.

The requisite requisites for the request are:

  • age not less than 60 years;
  • property of a residential building;
  • the property must not already have a mortgage.

The life loan is a non-finalized loan ; in fact, those who receive it will be able to dispose of the money as they wish.

Interest on the debt and related expenses are capitalized; they must be repaid only following the death of the subscriber, except for voluntary early repayments.

On the death of the owner, the eventual heirs will have two alternatives to make the repayment:

  • settle the accumulated debt directly and keep the property, possibly lighting a mortgage;
  • let the lender sell the property to cover the debt; the excess amounts will be returned to the heirs.

How to apply for a life loan

 How to apply for a life loan

To request an annuity loan, the amount obtainable must be calculated, determining a satisfactory sum of one’s liquidity needs. This first step is important for determining the right solution or not, or to assess whether there are other more suitable solutions, such as the sale of bare ownership or the assignment of the fifth salary or even the pension.

For an annuity loan, an amount up to 50% of the value of the home is generally financed, depending on the age of the applicant.

In a rough estimate, the bank could finance an amount equal to 10% of the property value for the sixty year olds, 20% for the seventy years old, 40% for the octogenarians and, finally, 50% for the ninety.

It is then necessary to identify potential lending institutions, evaluating the appropriateness of the loan, taking into account both the interest rate applied and the substitute tax.

During the procedure for applying for an annuity loan, all the documents for the evaluation of the loan by the bank must be collected. The documents are:

  • valid identity document;
  • fiscal Code;
  • family status;
  • context certificate;
  • Preliminary Notary Report or Provenance Act;
  • Expertise.

Acceptance of the loan

After having made the necessary checks, after a few days from when the application for an annuity loan is presented, you will receive a first reply from the bank, which will give preliminary notification of its feasibility opinion.

An acceptance or a refusal at this stage does not imply a final decision: acceptance must be confirmed in the following steps, but the refusal could refer to the amount that the credit institution might judge to be excessive.

The bank will make a further assessment before signing the contract, through a technical assessment of the property with the purpose of having an estimate of the value and the state of conservation. This appraisal is performed by a trusted technician of the credit institution, with costs that are usually borne by the applicant.

Finally, the contract is stipulated which is the deed that defines the conditions stipulated between the bank and the holder of the Mortgage Life Loan. Since this is a public act, it must be signed before a notary; the mortgage is then entered on the property and the money is disbursed. At that time, the bank or the bank will give the contractor a check with the non-transferable clause of an amount equal to the agreed amount, net of any expenses that are borne by the subscriber.

From that moment the holder of the loan will be able to do what he wants of the amount received and can continue to live in his own property with respect for certain constraints : the property can not be sold, rented, renovated, nor can a second mortgage or offer it as a guarantee to third parties.



Protested loans and bad payers: how to get a loan if you have a protest



Small loans fast 5 thousand euros: how to get a fast loan of 5 thousand euros in cash

Before granting a loan, a credit institution requests the potential contractor for guarantees , by means of which it will be able to assess its effective capacity to repay the sum received. For larger sums, such as home loans, it is necessary to demonstrate to the bank or financing company that they have secure financial income, derived from permanent employment or from a pension. In addition to the income capacity of the applicant and other factors (such as the personal data) will be examined the creditworthiness of those who request the loan: if this is not particularly good, the chances of obtaining funding will be reduced. However, there are still opportunities to receive capital even for so-called bad payers. We see below how loans to protestors work .

Small loans fast 5 thousand euros: how to get a fast loan of 5 thousand euros in cash


Who are the protesters and the bad payers?

The term bad payers is often used as a category in which protestants are included, but in reality they are two different concepts. When a contractor faces financial difficulties that prevent him from fully respecting the conditions of the amortization plan, but manages to honor the debt by returning the sum due (though late), then he is considered a bad payer; his name can be entered in the databases of the risk centers , which store the data of his credit behavior and provide them to the credit institutions when it should request a new loan.

Who are the protesters and the bad payers?

As for the protested, these are contractors who failed to return the amount received, and for this they were included in the appropriate computer register of protests managed by the Chambers of Commerce. Their position is therefore more delicate than bad payers, also because the names of the latter can be deleted from the registers after a few months from the regularization of the loan: for example, in the event of arrears of two installments subsequently paid, the status of bad payer will be deleted from the lists within 12 months of regularization.

Protested loans: how to get them

Protested loans: how to get them

Although it is not easy to obtain financing when one has a bad credit reputation, protestants can also receive loans, turning to those institutions that provide credit lines to these categories of applicants. Often additional guarantees will be required or will be proposed ways of restitution of particular capital, such as the assignment of the fifth of the salary . With this solution, the withholding of a sum equivalent to 20% of the monthly salary directly from the payroll is authorized.

This percentage may also rise to 50% in the case of the proxy loan , with which the contractor pays a larger share to cover the acquired loan. As an additional guarantee, the protestors can also offer their severance pay, thus confirming their credit position towards the provider.

Protested loans and surety

Protested loans and surety

When requesting a personal loan, even bad payers and protestors may have better chances of obtaining funding if they are supported by a guarantor . This is a third party that acts as guarantor of the contractor, ensuring the coverage of the monthly installments of the loan in the event of insolvency on the part of the holder. From this point of view, the guarantor acquires the same responsibilities as the applicant, a factor that could consolidate the position of the latter in the eyes of the bank. It will therefore be essential that the guarantor proves that he possesses the resources necessary to deal with any loan costs, such as a salary, a pension or income from financial income.

Lastly, it should be noted that those who manage more loans with different credit institutions can combine them with the loan consolidation solution, a method that allows them to receive additional capital and group the different existing practices under a single loan, characterized by a single interest rate. and from possibly more advantageous conditions. This option can be useful for those who wish to put their credit orders in order, administering the loans in progress in a simpler way and thus making the loans more efficient.

How to get a personal loan?

The personal loan is a form of financing that is part of the category of non-finalized loans ; therefore, those who request the loan can use it for the most disparate purposes, including purchase of cars or motorcycles, home renovation, debt consolidation, purchase of furniture or household appliances, medical expenses, travel and holidays, liquidity or purchase of a box.

personal loan

What are the requirements for having a loan?

What are the requirements for having a loan?

To obtain a loan, it is necessary to know which bodies are responsible for providing the loan and the guarantees required to provide the loan.

Requirements for a loan (which depend on the type of loan required) are typically:

  • between the ages of 18 and 70;
  • demonstrable income;
  • Italian residence;
  • ownership of a bank account.

Subsequently, the bank will evaluate the granting of the loan according to its own risk policies and the creditworthiness of the applicant. Each bank applies its own risk policy according to the statistical data it has, so as to keep defaults below a certain level. As far as the creditworthiness of the applicant is concerned, an assessment is made that considers the ratio between the repayment installment and the income of the same applicant who, generally, should not exceed 30%; the reports provided by the CRIF, the Central Financial Risks, which records any missed payments or delays in repayments of previous loans are also consulted.

As an alternative to the traditional types of loans, if the applicant is registered in the CRIF lists , he may request the transfer of the fifth which, proposing the appropriate guarantees of the employer for the salaried employees or the INPS for the retired, allows to receive a loan in the event of a bad credit history. It is, however, important to remember that the reimbursement rates of the transfer of the fifth applied are higher than those envisaged by other forms of financing.

When a loan is required, in addition to the minimum requirements, the credit institution can ask for additional guarantees . Generally, the granting of a loan is not subordinated to the provision of collateral, but to limit the risk of insolvency often the banks require the signature of other subjects, called co-obligors , who take responsibility for repaying the credit if the principal debtor does not fulfill the loan.
Another form of guarantee that protects creditors is the stipulation of compulsory insurance in the case of transfer of the fifth and life loan, while they are optional in other cases.

The elements of the personal loan contract

The elements of the personal loan contract

The loan contract establishes the conditions under which the credit institution grants a certain sum of money to the requesting party who undertakes to return it in a given period of time with the payment of the installments.
This contract must be signed by both parties; the bank must accurately and accurately declare the actual conditions of its offer and the customer must ratify its commitment to repay the loan on the terms agreed.
The intervention of the law in defining the punctual terms of the loan contract represents a protection against the entity that provides, but in particular, the financed subject, which must be able to understand the characteristics and the cost of the loan that is underwritten.

According to the law, a personal loan contract must contain certain elements:

  • the type of financing;
  • the amount of the loan and the methods of financing;
  • the amounts, the maturity of each installment and their number;
  • the APR comprising the interest and accessory charges;
  • the details of the analytical conditions on the basis of which the APR can be modified;
  • the amount and the reason for the charges not included in the calculation of the APR;
  • any guarantees required;
  • any insurance coverage required.

Consumer credit agreements that have as their object the purchase of goods or services contain under penalty of nullity:

  • The analytical description of goods and services;
  • The purchase price in cash, the price set by the contract and also the amount of the deposit;
  • The conditions for the transfer of property rights, if the transfer of ownership is not immediate.

No sum can be requested or charged to the consumer unless expressly provided for in the contract. These provisions are mandatory; in fact, failure to respect even one condition would lead to the nullity of the contract.

Calculate the mortgage payment

Knowing how to calculate the mortgage payment is important; in this regard, the web makes available to users free software that allow you to perform simulations of amortization plans for a hypothetical mortgage and understand if it is feasible or not to subscribe.

What you need to know before calculating the mortgage payment

What you need to know before calculating the mortgage payment

If you intend to take out a mortgage with a credit institution for the purchase of the first or second home and you do not know how to proceed to understand the hypothetical amount of monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments, the web could be of assistance offering tools on line called calculators.

Free services are generated that allow the analysis of the situation and understand what could be the possible amortization plan with the chosen bank.

There are many alternatives: for example, there are banks that allow the customer to perform this type of calculation on their site, being able to choose between fixed rate or variable rate mortgages, even with the addition of various accessory expenses in relation to the spread.

There are also other expenses to be added, such as the costs of preliminary investigation to be incurred for the execution of the practice, the costs of expertise for the control of the state and the value of the property and, finally, the notary fees and insurance costs.

How the web helps to calculate the mortgage payment

How the web helps to calculate the mortgage payment

On the Internet there are sites created specifically for the calculation of the mortgage payment. It is possible to perform simple simulations that only require the insertion of certain fundamental parameters, such as the interest rate, the frequency of installments and also the amount of the loan that you intend to ask the bank.

Browsing through the appropriate sites you can contact a specialized consultant to ask for further information and clarify any doubts. But it did not end here: it is possible, in fact, the useful real-time update of Euribor and Eurirs and, furthermore, the user is provided with other valuable information on the type of loan, particularly on subsidized loans , but also on those Inpdap and credit institutions that make better deals.

Calculation of the Mortgage

Calculation of the Mortgage

Calculators offered for free from websites created specifically to calculate the mortgage payment allow to obtain a detailed amortization plan , which will indicate the rate to be incurred, with reference to the chosen periodicity, the share of interest year after year and how much it will be the cost of financing.

The requested data:

  • mortgage amount;
  • duration of the loan;
  • rate;
  • periodicity of the installments.

After entering the parameters, just click on the “Calculate” button and you will have the result. To obtain a more precise simulation, it is advisable to add the additional costs that you will have to face. Finally, if the variable rate is chosen, it will be necessary to add the indexation rate to the spread, in order to have the percentage to be entered in the appropriate space.

The use of such online calculation tools makes it possible to clarify the ideas and understand whether the decision to apply for a loan is feasible for its economic possibilities. These programs, in fact, make it possible to have a general overview of the situation in order to subsequently face the credit institution with greater awareness, thus avoiding the signing of a loan inadequate for its financial condition.

The importance of the calculation of the mortgage payment

The importance of the calculation of the mortgage payment

Having a clear idea of what the financial product that best meets your needs and your economic situation could be important; in this way, in fact, there will be greater knowledge and information of the loan that you intend to ask the bank , avoiding to run into unpleasant situations that are economically risky.

Subscribing a mortgage is a major decision, which will certainly have a considerable influence on your economic and family situation . Consequently, a careful and thoughtful choice of maturity is essential for avoiding a long-term loan on your shoulders that is too burdensome compared to your monthly income and that you will probably find it difficult to return regularly with all the unpleasant consequences of the case that will fall on the responsibility of the applicant.

Specific calculators, therefore, will certainly be useful for the calculation of the mortgage payment that you are deciding to turn on in order to fulfill your dream of buying a house, having more information and above all greater clarity and awareness of the step that you are about to take.

The different types of loans

How many times in one’s life have we found ourselves faced with a choice, buy the object of our desires, or give up because we do not have the money to do it? For this there are loans, that source of economic income that can come from the banks , and that with the different rates of interest in circulation must be returned in a certain period of time. This period may vary depending on the needs of the customer, but the most used are those from 5 to 10 years. But which different types of loan can be found? Let’s see in detail how many different types of loans there are, and what are the respective characteristics, bearing in mind that a personal loan can not exceed 60,000 euros.

The home loan

The home loan

This type of loan is the most used for the maintenance and renovation of its property, for the purchase of furniture, or for the systems of the house (radiators, boiler, etc). Why do you prefer a home loan for this type of purchase? This is because between the different types of loan does not provide for notary fees, and the amount financed covers the entire amount of expenses to be incurred.

The car loan

The car loan

If the expense to be incurred is that of buying a vehicle, whether it is a car, a motorcycle, or any other means of transport, this type of loan is the most appropriate. The amount that can be obtained is up to the maximum value of the vehicle purchased, and reimbursement can take place up to a maximum of 10 years. The duration will obviously be generated by the amount that is financed. In this type of loan the interest rate is fixed, allowing the final user to have an installment that is always constant over time.

The assignment of the fifth

Among the different types of loans, the transfer of the fifth does not require to specify what is the purpose to which you want to arrive with the sum of money. The amount that can be requested is limited to the amount of your salary, as the individual installments can not exceed one fifth of salary. These payments will take place monthly, and will be deducted directly from your paycheck. This type of loan is reserved for all public and private employees who have a permanent contract, and therefore a fixed paycheck every month. For some time now, the possibility of tapping into this source of financing has also been open to pensioners.

Debt consolidation

The consolidation of debts is a type of loan that is aimed at those who have different inclinations to assets. By unifying all the various loans with a single bank , it allows to improve the management of their own slopes, reducing the expiry of the installments to a single univocal date. In addition, by accessing the consolidation of debts , two different choices can be accessed: the first is to change the duration of the loan, lengthening the time and also being able to have additional liquidity. The second is instead to lower the payment that is being paid, proceeding with a modification of the amortization plan.