Personal loan, how to apply?

Personal loan, how to apply?



Personal Credit Money Man, is a method that this company offers for people who look for a borrowed value , in a virtual way. Without leaving home.

The values vary from 50 euros to 400 euros and it is easy and fast to contract, without counting that, if necessary, the money can be returned without cancellation fees, only with the interest value of the days in which the client He stayed with the money.

The credits in general are with higher values increasing the interest rates and leaving the final amount for return much higher than the one received at the beginning, with the Personal Credit Money Man the client obtains a much lower interest rate, the final amount to be returned is slightly older.

What is it  

Personal Money Man Credit is preferred for those contractors who had an emergency and did not have a small cash value at the time. With this loan it is possible to contract the emergency money in just 10 minutes.

With a fully digital platform, it is possible to make the contract online, whether or not it is a client of the financier, so the mini credit is the most viable and agile option, maintaining the client’s data security and maintaining direct contact.

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To acquire is easy and fast asking only ID, telephone and bank account that the client prefers for the deposit of the requested money.

Why apply

Why apply

With an amount of up to 400 euros the Money Man Personal Credit brings more accessibility for those who need short and short term money. With flexible terms for repayment, the interest rate is totally more convenient for the type of credit.

For this and other advantages, the financer provides a total of the direct final amount in the simulation with the values and the number of plots, which may be up to 2, for return at the client’s discretion.

After having requested and paid the first personal loan requested, the client can request higher value loans, which can reach up to 1,200 pesos and with longer terms to pay, up to 4 months.

For the Money Man Personal Credit, it is extremely urgent that the money be in the hands of the contractor as quickly as possible, for this reason in up to 15 minutes after the approval the money will be in the client’s account, unlike other banks that It takes up to 24 hours for the deposit.

The interests are executed according to the time in which the contractor keeps the loan, and if it is necessary to return it in advance it will be possible, freeing the contractor of the payment of the plots.

How to apply – Pessoal Money Man Credit

Because Money Man’s Personal Credit platform is completely online, the contractor can apply for credit through the Internet without having to leave the house or stay in the queue of a bank for hours.

To apply for the online credit it is necessary to fill out a simulation with the value of the money that the client needs, the number of days or parcels that he will have to pay, and observe the value of the effective interest rate within the final amount to be returned.

At the time of the simulation it is important to choose the value and the number of parcels well, since the simulation will be sent to the financier for credit acceptance.

Additional Information

For people who have an interest in the modality, they can be accessing the official Money Man site, through this link: or they can still get in touch by phone 93 722 73 54 to know more details.

After the simulation is completed, the future contractor will be redirected to a page with a basic form to be answered, where basic information will be requested for additional information.

The sending of some documents will also be requested, but nothing that the client would not have in hand and everything would be scanned to again save the time of the future contractor in relation to the emergency. Visit Money Man Personal Credit .

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